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Need help determining the correct amount for withholding?  Not sure you have the correct amount being deducted?  Well look no further!

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check your refund status on premier bookkeeping solutions in CT

Check Your Refund Status

Get up to date information on the status of your tax return.  Find out if your return has been accepted and when you can expect your refund.

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Download Federal Tax Forms

Get up to date federal tax forms. Form 1040, form w-9, form w-4 and other tax forms you may need to stay compliant with the the IRS.

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check your refund status on premier bookkeeping solutions in CT

Download CT Tax Forms

Find all the Connecticut tax forms you need here.  All current Income Tax, Sales Tax, Withholding Tax & Corporation Tax forms for CT.

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why hire a bookkeeper in CTWhy Hire a Bookkeeper?

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork and organization that’s necessary to manage the finances of your small business?

Do you have good intentions for staying organized every time it’s a new year, but find that the days and months slip by because you’re busy with growing your business? Suddenly, it’s the middle of the year and once again your paperwork is all piled up and you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with yourself.

Many small, independent business owners feel like they are losing money because they are not as organized in tracking and managing expenses as they could be. They miss opportunities to take deductions because of poor record keeping. Some even tell me that they lose sleep at night worrying about catching up.

Well, those days are over. I’ve created a simple system for my clients to work with me using QuickBooks in a way that’s customized to each client. We will have the perfect number of meetings throughout the year so that you will always feel on top of your paperwork. I can work at your place or mine and make the process simple for you.  We can also work remotely, if that is more convenient for you. Gone are the days of feeling overwhelmed, having receipts piled in your car, on your kitchen counter or on your desk and scrambling to make sense of it all at tax time. What feels overwhelming to you is simple to me. You’ll be giving me all of your receipts and getting them off your desk, out of your car, and off of your kitchen counter. Suddenly you will feel on top of things and your mind can return to growing your business. The peace of mind you will experience is priceless.

Call me today to discuss how I can take care of your while you take care of your business. You might be surprised at how affordable I am

Linda helped me set up my bookkeeping system on QuickBooks. She trained me and helped me understand how to operate and maintain my books. I would highly recommend her.

Sole Proprietor from Bridgeport, CT

Linda supervised my contracted bookkeeping services, providing a high level of accuracy, support and customer service. She was the link between my day to day bookkeeping and my year end tax preparer. She was the reason I worked with the CPA firm.

Business Owner from Long Island, NY

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